Frequently Asked Question


Q:Where/which schools does Libby’s Kitchen delivery to? 运送范围

A: We deliver to the following schools 我们送至以下学校

Richmond BC Area

James Whiteside Elementary

Spul’u’Kwuks Elementary School

Richmond Christian School Elementary

Lord Byng Elementary

Garden City Elementary

Samuel Brighouse Elementary

Archibald Blair Elementary School

John T Errington Elementary

James McKinney Elementary

Jessie Wowk Elementary

For Other Richmond Schools, Please contact us at 778-886-0096 or 若您孩子的学校不在以上范围,请联系我们,我们将非常乐意为您提供新鲜营养的热午餐。

Vancouver BC Area:

Osler Elementary

West Vancouver BC Area:

Irwin Park Elementary

Q:Do you charge any delivery fee? Delivery Policy. 

A: We do not charge any delivery fees on School Hot Lunch Orders, so that we reserve the right about delivery locations. 我们对学校热午餐不收取额外的运送费用。

Your school hot lunch order will be delivered during weekdays between 11:30AM to 1PM depends on school lunch hour to your school. Although we endeavor to deliver your order within this time, we cannot guarantee that delays in the delivery caused by traffic or transportation will not occur. You will not be eligible for a refund or credit in the event of a delayed delivery due to traffic or transportation.

Q: What is you cancellation policy/Refund Policy? 取消订餐/退款

A:Please email your cancellation request to or call 778-886-0096. Please state your child’s name, school, division, and date to be cancelled. Cancellation request need to be made by 8PM prior to delivery date. 若需要取消订餐, 请将您孩子的姓名班级和需要取消的热午餐日期发送到 。请在需要取消热午餐的前一天晚上8点之前通知我们。

Your cancelled amount will credit to your account. 您的退款金额将会预存到您的账户。

Q:What currency do you accept? 

A:We accept payment in Canadian Dollar on our website.