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Libby’s Kitchen is a restaurant-based hot lunch provider/cater in the Greater Vancouver Area. Libby’s Kitchen is dedicating in preparing delicious hot lunch meals for children. We aim to provide delicious food and excellent service to elementary schools and daycare centers.
We are currently serving 11 daycare centers, over 10 schools in Vancouver, Richmond, and West Vancouver area. We offer Daily Hot Lunch Program and School Hot Lunch Program to serve the demand of different school and organization.


Here at Libby’s Kitchen we have a large variety of nut free lunches.

We are able to provide lunch for any child despite their allergies, and what they can or can't eat. Our options are extremely diverse and we aim to create delicious lunches for every child.

We provide balanced diets that have everything that is essential to a child’s growth.

Our lunches include carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Eating a balanced, healthy diet is essential to a child’s growth and an important part to maintaining good health.
At Libby’s Kitchen we can provide this for every child.

Libby’s Kitchen provides options for every child, including a vegetarian menu.

Whatever your reasons are, we are able to provide healthy and balanced vegetarian lunches for children. Our vegetarian meals include a diverse mix of fruits, vegetables, proteins, healthy fats, and grains. Our vegetarian options are just as important and tasty as our non vegetarian options.

We provide fusion cuisine for every child as well.

Fusion cuisine is a cuisine that combines different elements of culinary traditions that originate from different cultures, countries, or regions.

Our lunches are fully customizable and if you would like to customize and make your meal your very own give us a call.

Our lunches are daily made and we use no kinds of freezing techniques, so our lunches are healthy and fresh.

We use real ingredients with no add ons, artificial produce, or artificial colours. Our lunches are right out of the oven and ready to be enjoyed.

How to order

We are always update our menu and adding new ingridients and new yummy hot lunches to our menu.
How to register?

1) Please register your account first by clicking Register
2) Confirm your email

How to register my kids?

After you signed in, Click on "Manage Kids" then "Add Kid"

How to make payment?

You can pay us via cash or via credit card ( we are using secured PayPal service)



Our team working hard and they are working fast to deliver hot lunches on time and always fresh.


We’re never late on any orders or requests customers have. We’re always on time. Being late isn't acceptable! We love what we do and we always make sure we’re right on time, no matter where it is, or what we’re asked to do.


Looking for something unique? We are here for help. Give us a call to see if we can make your favorite menu.


Our chefs love cooking! Since we love it, we put endless amounts of effort into making your lunches. We focus on having them top quality and delicious for your children to enjoy. We guarantee your children will love our delicious meals. We love cooking and your children will love what we cook just as much as we do.


It is this effort that we deliver! Hot lunch, yummy fruits, and vegetables, this is our unavoidable responsibility to deliver fresh and healthy lunch for your kid.


We’re always open to speaking with customers about any problems they might be experiencing with their meals, or answering any questions they may have. Our staff are extremely friendly and will happily communicate with customers about anything they might need.
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1101 11871 Horseshoe Way,
Richmond, V7A 5H5